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YouTubers: If you join the Youtubers Union Facebook group, you'll be notified of news, polls, and everything else that's happening with the FairTube campaign.

We welcome your comments, opinions, and ideas about our proposals and about how to make YouTube better for YouTubers — and for everyone. You can talk to us on Facebook and Twitter.

Note that we'll delete posts or comments on our channels that insult specific individuals or are discriminatory.

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Join IG Metall

If you are a YouTuber or other self employed person in Germany, you can join IG Metall. We welcome everyone who stands with us in this effort!

Ane Mojica can answer any questions you might have:
+49 69 6693 2228


Reasons to join IG Metall

  1. By joining, you support an important cause. 21st century technology with 19th century working conditions is not the future we want.
  2. We have plenty of good arguments. But that's not enough. IG Metall is only taken seriously by companies and politicians because we have a lot of members. That's why it's important for YouTubers and their supporters to also become IG Metall members: we're strong together.
  3. In 2016 it became possible for self employed workers to join IG Metall. And IG Metall takes the interests of self employed workers seriously and makes them heard in German politics. For example, IG Metall advanced a proposal to reduce the minimum payment of self employed workers into the public health insurance system — and as of 1 January 2019, it's down from € 360 to € 156. IG Metall also established the first independent dispute mediation board for crowdworkers, the Ombuds Office of the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct. Nine European platforms have signed it. When, for example, a worker on their platforms is not paid for work they've done, the worker can file a complaint with the Ombuds Office. In many cases, workers are not paid because of a technical problem, which the platform discovers after discussions with the Ombuds Office.
  4. IG Metall stands for good working conditions everywhere, including online. The tools and strategies we use — legal research, lawsuits, lobbying policymakers, and so on — cost time and money. Our 2.3 million members made the FairTube campaign possible through their monthly membership dues. By joining IG Metall, you give back to the IG Metall community — and you invest in the future for all of us.
  5. By joining IG Metall, you join a huge network of people who support each other — both when things are good and when there's trouble. And self employed members get the same benefits as employees: consultation about workplace difficulties, and coverage of legal costs when, for example, a client doesn't pay for completed work.