Our new Board Member!

Christoph Krachten takes up work as a member of the board of FairTube e.V.

He thus succeeds the co-founder Jörg Sprave.

Christoph Krachten has been “involved in most of the important developments in the German influencer scene”, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. He co-founded the first German YouTube network “Mediakraft,” organized “VideoDays” (the largest European YouTube festival), and together with Bastei Lübbe launched Community Editions, the first publishing house of influencers’ books with numerous publications in the Spiegel bestseller list. Christoph helped many YouTubers of different reaches in the past and is now ready and eager to help solving issues of FairTube members with his expertise and network! 👊


Vanessa Barth, board member of FairTube e.V.:

“With Christoph Krachten, FairTube gains an excellent expert. He runs a successful YouTube channel with a vast reach and has often successfully helped the causes of small YouTubers in particular. I am very much looking forward to this cooperation. Platforms like YouTube are giving rise to new ways of organizing work that will change the world of labor. It is therefore about time to enforce protective rights for platform workers.”

Christoph Krachten:

“The ‘independent life’, in its truest sense, of the platforms must come to an end. The interests of creatives should be defended, and the platforms should become transparent towards them. In my late teens I became a union member in the Radio, Television- Film Union then called RFFU. I know that the representation of workers’ interests against the powerful players in the media business is extremely important. FairTube is taking off to protect those who ‘earn their bread’ on the net!”

Jörg Sprave:

“As a co-founder of FairTube, I am pleased that Christoph Krachten, a proven expert in the field of social media, will succeed me. He has been working in the interests of creatives for years, be it at funk, the network of ARD and ZDF, YouTube or Facebook, just to name a few examples. He has the necessary insight and can look back on ten years of experience of working with the major Internet corporations.”