Community Services

What you get as a FairTube member:

Icons Website 3 Help with problem cases with YouTube, such as demonetization and strikes.

Copy of Weihnachtsfoto Facebook Post 5 Regular Channel Breakdowns. Get useful insights and view your channel from the perspective of various YouTube creators with diverse experiences. You will receive valuable suggestions on what you can improve & reach new viewers as a bonus. Get to know other creators & help them to improve, too!

Copy of Weihnachtsfoto Facebook Post 6 Legal information for solo-entrepreneurs. Check this page: For creators and workers. You can also contact us with more specific questions.

Copy of Weihnachtsfoto Facebook Post 8 Useful webinars and information pool on topics from channel monetization to community management to legal standing of platform workers and creators, and much more to come!

Copy of Copy of Weihnachtsfoto Facebook Post 2 Network with your fellow creators! It gets lonely to work on your own and spend hours on your computer editing videos. We are creating a community of like-minded platform workers and creators, where you can share your thoughts and expertise, learn from others and improve your network.

Pics Opportunity to volunteer for a very unique and modern cause! We are in the process of setting up an advisory council and also looking for volunteers for different tasks. If FairTube’s mission excites you and you feel like getting involved more actively, apply now.

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