Our Community Services

What you can expect from your membership

Legal information

We provide legal information to solo-entrepreneurs and soon will offer legal support to creators.

Support with problem cases with YouTube

We advise and support you with problems such as demonetization and strikes. Click the button to fill in the form!

Learn more about former cases & our experiences with YouTube Support here

Useful webinars and information

Receive useful information about different topics regarding your work as a creator or platform worker.


 Get in touch with your fellow creators! It gets lonely to work on your own and spend hours on your computer editing videos. We are creating a community of like-minded platform workers and creators, where you can share your thoughts and expertise, learn from others and improve your network.

Become a volunteer

We are in the process of setting up an advisory council and also looking for volunteers for different tasks. If FairTube’s mission excites you and you feel like getting involved more actively, contact us now!