Get involved

Why you should join us and get involved

By joining, you support an important cause. 21st century technology with 19th century working conditions is not the future we want.

We have plenty of good arguments. But that’s not enough. FairTube is only taken seriously by companies and politicians if we have a lot of members. That’s why it’s important for YouTubers, other content creators, platform workers and their supporters to also become FairTube members: we’re strong together.

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Our next steps and why we need YOU to become an active member

Advisory councils

We are in the process of setting up an advisory council. We invite especially:

  • Youtubers and Creators on other platforms,
  • Platform workers, and
  • Researchers and policy makers interested in platform work

to join. If you are interested in learning more about (and potentially joining) our advisory council, please send us a mail and introduce yourself at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

More ways to get involved

For YouTubers

We are in the process of developing new programs for Youtubers. If you are an experienced Youtuber and you are interested in helping make any of the following programs reality, please contact us at!

  • Mentorship for new Youtubers
  • Channel breakdowns
  • Webinars (about running a channel, getting started, managing sponsorships and fans, etc.

How you can contribute and support our mission

Beside the help of active members, also finacial help is very important to us. We are a non profit association and all of us are unpaid volunteers. But of course, there are costs which arise when providing our services! Your contribution helps us to maintain our services, to keep on working for better working conditions on platforms, to gather our community and to spread our message. Your contribution, no matter which amount, makes the achievement of those goals possible!