Our Mission

FairTube stands for fairness, transparency, accountability, dialogue, freedom from discrimination, and democratic participation for all platform workers.

Although the platform work has been developing for more than a decade, the rights of platform workers and the corresponding obligations of platform operators and customers remain legally unclear and politically contested.

Self employed platform workers often face significant earnings uncertainty, and work daily under the knowledge that their access to work can be suspended or terminated at any time, for any or no reason, often without the possibility to object.

Discrimination – including, but not only, unintentional and/or algorithmic discrimination – on digital labor platforms has also been extensively documented. Despite good intentions on the part of platform operators to combat such discrimination, concrete measures are still under development and are relatively incomplete. FairTube stands for equal rights and freedom from discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or ethnic origin, gender identity, religion, political persuasion, ability or disability, age, or sexual orientation, for all platform workers and users, as well as for employees of platform operating organizations.

We believe that when the goals our association stands for are achieved , the promise of platform work – time-flexible access to work with low barriers to entry – will be realized while reducing negative consequences and risks for workers and society.

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