Team FairTube

Vanessa Barth

  • Chairwoman, founding member
  • Works at IG Metall for more than 20 years. Together with Christiane Benner, the 2nd chairwoman of IG Metall, she initiated the opening of IG Metall to platform workers, launched the FairTube project
  • Sports, traveling, politics
Vanessa Team
Christoph Krachten 1

Christoph Krachten

  • Second Chairman
  • Co-Founder of the media company “Mediakraft”, organizer of “Video Days”, published several books for influencers, supports the team with his great expertise and knowledge as well as helps to solve problems YouTubers are facing
  • Successful YouTuber (talks about science and research)

Mariya Vyalykh

  • Third Chairwoman, community management and social media, political work
  • Always happy to answer your questions!
  • Fitness, Instagram, learning languages and cultures
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Robert Fuss

Robert Fuß

  • Founding member, works at IG Metall since 1991
  • Advises the team in its political work
  • Running, reading, playing chess

Elena Koplin

  • Student assistant, on board since August 2020
  • Supports the team in its political work, community management and social media
  • Sports, nature, sustainability
Elena Website Team 1
Berivan Team

Berivan Usta

  • Administration manager & member support, on board since February 2021
  • Answers all questions regarding your membership, manages the back office
  • Going to the theatre and to comedy evenings, video editing

Johannes Höller

  • Lawyer, founding member
  • Supports and advises the team on legal issues, expert in platform work, employee rights and data protection
  • YouTube, vinyl records, motorcycling
Johannes 2
Irina Team scaled e1611312421123

Irina Kretschmer

  • Writer, founding member
  • Is working on platforms herself, supports and advises the team with her expertise in platform work and its working conditions
  • Reading, passionate author, hiking