YouTubers’ Problems Survey

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Dear Community!

Thank you for participating in our survey in such large numbers! The results are very revealing and informative. We can now better assess what problems you are facing on YouTube. Moreover, you can see that you are not alone with your problems!

Looking at the results, it is clear that there is a lot to do! Only a few aspects stand out in particular. All of you deal with different problems! The numbers do not say that the listed problems are not that relevant, but that most of the problems occur equally often. So it clearly confirms: YouTube is intransparent and often acts seemingly arbitrarily!

According to the survey, for 40% of participants “Unclear, ambiguous guidelines” represent one of the three biggest problems for them. Followed by “Non-sense, unfair guidelines” with 29% and “No answer by YouTube, poor communication possibilities” with 26%. However, difficulties in appealing or objecting, video demonetization, shadow bans and insufficient justifications from YouTube on sanctions are also relevant.

We are sure that some of the problems can be solved if YouTube finally formulates clear rules and provides adequate support when problems occurr! And we want to continue working on this with you and for you.

Many of you have already sent us emails asking for help or pointing out the problems of other YouTubers. We hear you! And hopefully, we can provide you positive information soon.

Stay tuned!

 Your Team FairTube

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