Our arguments and accomplishments

FairTube stands for fairness, transparency, accountability, dialogue, freedom from discrimination, and democratic participation for all platform workers.

25 Nov 2019


Google on the offensive against unions?


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21 Nov 2019


Violations of EU data protection law (GDPR) can be very expensive

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22 Oct 2019


Fairtube cancels Google Meeting!


The meeting planned for October 22 in Berlin between YouTube/Google and FairTube has been canceled. YouTube/Google repeatedly refused to allow Jörg Sprave, founder of the Youtubers Union, or any other YouTube Creator, to be present at the meeting. As a result, IG Metall announced on October 18 its decision not to participate either.

30 Aug 2019


It’s possible to win against Google

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30 Aug 2019


Countdown Paused: YouTube Caved In!

22 Aug 2019


How much work goes into a YouTube video?


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19 Aug 2019


Are Youtubers employees? A lawyer’s assessment

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17 Aug 2019


YouTube’s statement to the press about our proposals - and our response. A video


We made a video responding to YouTube's statement to the press about our proposals. The video has some other good news too...

15 August 2019


Workers are not artichokes

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10 August 2019


Famous FairTube: A video about some of our favorite press reactions!

The FairTube Campaign has received more press coverage than we can keep track of in the last few weeks. We made a video responding to some of our favorite articles! Here it is:

7 August 2019


“We aren’t going to tell you what the rules of the road are, but we’re going to hold you accountable to them anyway”


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4 August 2019


New video: FairTube news and answers to your comments and questions

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30 July 2019


Does YouTube follow its own principles?

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29 July 2019


So that happened. First responses to our proposals

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26 Jul 2019


The FairTube launch video: “Attention YouTube: The clock is ticking!”