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By joining, you support an important cause. 21st century technology with 19th century working conditions is not the future we want.



We have plenty of good arguments. But that’s not enough. FairTube is only taken seriously by companies and politicians if we have a lot of members. That’s why it’s important that YouTubers, content creators and platform workers and their supporters become FairTube members: We need an effective counterbalance.



FairTube stands for fair and good working conditions - online and offline. The tools and strategies we use — legal research, lawsuits, lobbying policymakers, and so on — cost time and money. Until now IG Metall’s 2.3 million members made the FairTube campaign possible through their monthly membership dues. By joining FairTube, you give back to the Community — and you invest in the future for all of us.



FairTube Membership is free for one year after the association launch. Until February 2022 we will discuss and decide with all the FairTube members on an adequate and affordable membership fee.



If you are under 18 years old, you can still join us with a written permission of your parent/guardian. Please contact us at



Platform workers and content creators who live in Germany - you can also join IG Metall.



IG Metall flyer for solo self-employed in German and in English